The FAA Makes it Easier to Find PIREPs

FAA’s new Graphic Pilot Reports

Submitting a PIREP is easy

Anytime you are talking with a controller, whether it is VFR flight following or on an IFR flight plan, you can submit a PIREP.

To offer a new Pilot Report to the controller, all you simply have to do is say your “have a pirep for them” and tell them the particular flight condition you want to report, even if it that you are just reporting skies clear and no turbulence.  The controller will then ask for any additional information they need to submit the complete PIREP.

Searching the new Graphic PIREP Tool

Using you can now look under “observations” and check out newly posted Pilot Reports in the exact area of the map that the aircraft was when they made the report, rather than trying to figure out the bearing and distance from the station they made the report.  Clicking on the PIREP will also give you a decoded version with the orginal coded version at the bottom of the popup window.

If you have any questions on PIREP, post them in the Student Pilot Forum under the FORUM TOPICS tab at the top of the page!

Fly Safe!

The FAA Makes it Easier to Find PIREPs
Article Name
The FAA Makes it Easier to Find PIREPs
The FAA has released a new graphic PIREP tool on to help you plot and understand the current PIREPs out there.
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